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Everything starts with an objective analysis of your business. Being an external consultant, I can more easily do this than you can. 

Why? Because everyone gradually becomes blind to their own business.

People see or do most things the way they always have. At that point, you are less open to new things and you are also less critical about yourself. 

That is why an external hospitality and catering consultant offers you the solution. Using our quick or in-depth scans, we provide you with tailor-made advice, and also advice on the HACCP regulations.


A selection from our menu:

  • Hospitality and catering audit
  • Support to start-ups
  • Mystery visit
  • Table management 
  • Work simplification
  • Yield management within your hotel or B&B
  • Crisis management for hospitality and catering businesses in difficulties
  • Hospitality and catering monitor
  • Restaurant marketing

The smaller the menu, the better the kitchen.
Twenty percent of your menu makes up eighty percent of your turnover. Your customers find eating tasty food much more important than a wide selection.