Who is Gino Vermeulen?

Over recent years, I have defined myself as a hospitality and catering business consultant. This is no coincidence as I know the sector inside out.

In the past, I worked in renowned restaurants in Belgium and France. Then I set up my own hospitality and catering businesses. Now I provide assistance with hospitality and catering projects and I am a consultant for hospitality and catering businesses.

Nothing teaches us more than practical experience. With over 25 years of experience in every area of the business, I can relate to all aspects as a consultant and make a contribution to your company.

Naturally, I work with a strong team behind the scenes on an appropriate solution for every specific situation in your business.

It is absolutely not a sign of weakness to ask for help. On the contrary, it is a sign of wisdom. After all, you ask your lawyer, accountant or bank manager for their opinions.


Hospitality and catering coach: is this a top level sport?

Every well-known athlete or artist has a coach. This is someone who observes him or her, gives feedback and offers a perspective on the future.

Coaching is what we do every day!

People are not very good at looking at themselves. They do not notice what other people see. Professionals have at least one or more coaches who help them to reach their potential. As coaches, we try to improve your results day after day.

Several reasons why your hospitality or catering business can benefit from our coaching:

  • growth in your organisation: better team spirit, more capable people, more profit 

  • thorough training: not just for yourself, but for your team too

  • a sounding board: a safe environment where you can test your ideas

  • confrontation with reality: the hard truth

First and foremost, we are your sounding board. Our extensive experience means we can get going very rapidly to start to implement changes within your company.

Together we take the required steps to achieve your goals.


Consultant chef

You are urgently looking for a chef. However, you don’t find the right man or woman straight away. Your kitchen has to keep going, even without that new chef. What do you do now? 

Fortunately, you can rely on expertise. Our consultant chef will support your team, over both the short and long terms. In the meantime, you can calmly look for a new chef without any stress. 

Do you need a coach for your young chef? Or a sounding board for your trusty chef who is a little stuck in his daily ways? A consultant chef is also the right person in the right place for this.

 About Gino Vermeulen - 4th generation Hospitality and Catering Consultant 

My great-grandfather, Frans Vermeulen, was the first hospitality and catering consultant, before the term was even coined. As the fourth generation, I am continuing this family tradition and I have been active in the sector for over 25 years.

After I followed a traditional hotel training course, I worked in several top-class restaurants*** in Paris (where I worked beside the likes of the late Jean Claude Vrinat, Jean Marie Ancher, Joël Robuchon, Frédéric Anton, Alain Senderens, Carlo Cracco, Alain Pégouret and Francois Payard - New York). I received a Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Guide while working at the family business. In addition, I also set up a catering company, a reception hall and a brasserie.

While doing this, I took various courses and workshops in financial management, marketing, yield management and company management.

I have worked as a freelance consultant over recent years for a variety of companies including Tefaf Maastricht , Hotel Cosmopolite, Salons de Waerboom, Maison van de Boer (NL) , Gourmet Invent, Total NV, Salons Cortina, Domus, Cook & Style catering, School for Butlers & Hospitality, Makisu Brussels, VRT catering, Torenhof and a Relais & Chateau establishment in the Benelux region, the largest wellness project in Europe that will open in 2017.

I have also worked together with various well-known starred chefs for the organisation of top-level events. Professional secrecy means that my list of references is limited. 

On the shop floor I have taken care of various major events, such as Gala van de Gouden Schoen, the reopening of the Casino in Blankenberge, Hoogerheide Cyclo-cross World Championship, Tefaf Maastricht and VIP-arrangement Floraliën. Furthermore, I have also been responsible for the wedding receptions of numerous Belgian personalities, such as the chocolate confectioner and my school friend Dominique Persoone, reality soap stars the Pfaffs and starred chef Axel Colonna-Cesari.

As part of the Q label project “een zee van kwaliteit” (a sea of quality) and the “hotel innovatieproject” (hotel innovation project) by Westtoer together with the Flemish Community, I advised various seaside hospitality and catering establishments. In addition to this, I am also a guest speaker for Unizo and Securex and I have worked as a freelance consultant for the television programme “Mijn restaurant”.

I am a registered consultant and every year I travel across Europe in search of the latest techniques and future trends.


Who is Gino Vermeulen?
Who is Gino Vermeulen?
Who is Gino Vermeulen?
Who is Gino Vermeulen?
Who is Gino Vermeulen?
Who is Gino Vermeulen?
Who is Gino Vermeulen?
Who is Gino Vermeulen?